Image of the Month: Fall Harvest


I spent a lot of the month of November traveling and shooting destination weddings. (I was in the Caribbean twice in 2 weeks for work––no complaints here!)


At the beginning of the month, I spent a few days in the Hamptons documenting local harvested fruits & vegetables. Now that I'm back in Brooklyn, I thought these photos would be appropriate for our long winter ahead.


I couldn't choose just one so I decided to create this collage of favourites for my Image of the Month newsletter.

More of my food images can be seen here on my food photography website: and here on my Blog.

Cookbook Shoot – Part I

In the morning, I'll be traveling to the Hamptons to shoot a continuation of the cookbook project.


Excited by the results of last week's cookbook shoot part 1, I took this snapshot of the proofs laid out on my work table.

In these photos for the Savoring the Hamptons cookbook, you can see Roman Roth of the Wolffer Estates winery, some apple trees from the Halsey family's 70 acre farmland, and a harvest grape tart made from some of the locally harvested wine grapes.

More to come!

Sneak Peek: Lindsey & Scott in Manhattan


Back in September, Lindsey and Scott married at the Columbia University Chapel. What a beautiful day for their wedding and what a stunning couple. More to come after I'm back from Punta Cana…

Image of the Month: Anar’s Indian Wedding


I chose this month’s image from a recent trip to Birmingham, Alabama where I shot Dale and Anar’s Indian wedding. This photo was one of my favorites because even amidst the commotion I was able to capture a moment of stillness as Anar fastened her earring, pensively anticipating the day ahead.


I also liked this color image which I shot through Anar’s balcony window looking into her bridal suite. In the end, I chose the black and white image from Anar’s Indian Wedding for my Image of the Month, as I love the intricate detail and the composition of that image best.

BBG Wedding Prints

Some of my prospective clients are curious to know what my proof prints from film look like.

Here is a collage of some of the prints from Patty and Tim’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding. I snapped a photo of their BBG wedding prints before delivering them to the couple a few weeks ago…


Patty & Tim: Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Part I

Patty & Tim at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, shot on film.









Sneak Peek: From the Market to the Table


I just opened an 11×14" archival box of prints I had kept in my closet. Inside it were many food photographs. I had forgotten they were there. I spent the evening scanning them, as they were made at a time when I printed a lot by hand, but didn't digitize them. 

This one I shot at a farmer's market in 2005, in Santa Marguerita, Liguria, a Mediterranean town in Northern Italy. I love the colors and textures that were captured on film. The details and the farmer's hands tell a very specific story.


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