Pantone’s Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz

Pantone Color of the Year

In case you’re curious, Pantone’s color of the year is Peach Fuzz! 

You might have already heard about this trend from your floral designer, stationer, or event planner, and it may or may not be relevant to you, but I do love photographing in color, so I’m intrigued!

From the moment I learned how to print in a color darkroom or how to enhance a color image digitally, the trueness of color has been important to me. Kodak Portra has always been my favorite film to use; it’s so natural and soft.

I’ve been told many times how accurate my color photography is, and brides and grooms love the vibrancy of my work. What can I say, as an artist, I do love a vivid palette.

Peach-colored flowers and makeup have always been a fave of mine. In fact, I wore peach-colored blush and lipstick on my own wedding day! I love the above images for their subject matter but also their vibrant and bold peachy hues.

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