Published in Vogue Magazine

I pinch myself when I remember the time I was published in Vogue Magazine!

A few years back, a writer from Vogue India called to interview me. She requested I send wedding photos to go along with her story. Vogue chose to publish two photos from a local and destination Indian wedding. I love them both. One image was of Priti wearing her Louboutin slippers on the morning after the big wedding celebration. I love this image because she stood on a step at the Lake Palace waving goodbye to all of her guests wearing a flowing silk robe and these elegant kitten heeled slippers. Priti demonstrated elegance wearing these shoes but if you look really closely you can see a chipped painted toenail which reminded me of the jam-packed week of partying and dancing every night away. My very first destination wedding was this wedding of Priti Paul and Jaouad Kadiri in India and I will never forget it.

Publishing an image from Udaipur, Rajasthan, and then one from a garden wedding in New Jersey was also apropos. Many Indian families immigrate to American and hope to keep their customs and traditions. Also, after this big Indian wedding in Delhi/Udaipur, I was asked to shoot many local ones. Neha is depicted in the second photograph in her New Jersey home, she fidgets with her earring nervously and with anticipation as her guests are about to arrive. Neha was visiting extended family in India when she saw the copy on a newsstand and brought the magazine home for me!

published in vogue magazine published in vogue magazine

Some venues where I’ve photographed Indian weddings are: The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach, Pleasantdale Chateau in NJ, Cipriani Wall Street in Manhattan, Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, and The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Other locales include: Birmingham, Long Island, Connecticut, Delaware, The Dominican Republic, and other international destinations.


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