Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring

I adore a Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding in spring! For Anli and Kenneth’s April BBG wedding, the cherry blossoms were budding and the magnolias were at full peak. Take a look at some film images below. My film was developed, scanned and printed by Mary Converse at Chelsea Photographic film lab in Manhattan, the stunning florals were designed by Saipua in Brooklyn.




Karen Wise Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring

Karen Wise Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring

Karen Wise Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring

Karen Wise Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring

Karen Wise Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding in Spring


Pomegranate Pattern by Sara Jensen




The Jensens moved from Astoria to the West Coast this week. They’ll be living on a small and beautiful island off the coast of Seattle!

Here are some of the still lifes I shot for Sara and her husband Thor’s online store: Lost Bird Found. Website site to be updated shortly with my photos.

(Spoon borrowed from Emily Thompson‘s beautiful collection of silverware.)

Danielle’s Maternity




My beautiful friend Danielle gave birth last month to a sweet baby boy! After she settled into her new upstate home she came back to Brooklyn for a portrait session at around 30 weeks gestation. What a gorgeous bump! Here are some of Danielle’s maternity photos from our shoot in my Brooklyn studio…


Hannah and John’s Engagement Shoot

16a00e552795b9d883301156fa21af0970c-800wi 26a00e552795b9d883301156fa216a7970c-800wi 36a00e552795b9d883301156fa211d1970c-800wi 46a00e552795b9d8833011570974d64970b-800wi 56a00e552795b9d883301156fa2eae6970c-800wi 66a00e552795b9d883301156fa21eea970c-800wiHannah and John were married yesterday in Bergen County, New Jersey. What a fabulous couple. I can’t wait to feature the photos, but first, here are some engagement photos I made of them in Prospect Park in March…

Marie Claire China Interview!



It was very exciting to be interviewed by Marie Claire China! In this issue, I was named one of the top 5 wedding photographers! I’m so honored to be in such a beautiful magazine and in such great company! They featured my bridal  portrait of Priti Paul, having her mehndi done, whose Indian wedding I photographed in Udaipur, India.

Interviewed for Marie Claire China!

Picture 19MarieClaire

I was interviewed for Marie Claire China a couple of months ago, and I just received the magazine in my mailbox! My portrait of Priti in India is featured in an article on the Top 5 Wedding Photographers. I’m so honored!

Julie’s Crinkles, Continued


Chilies on a cake pedestal


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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies; Chocolate, Chili & Cinnamon Cupcakes; and Creme Brulée.

The film is back from the lab!
Here are some more images that I shot with baker Julie Quon and prop stylist Emily Thompson.
Thanks to my interns Christine Han and Marietta Leung for helping out that day! : )

I Heart and Miss Polaroid

FoodPolaroids1-4x5  polaroids-4x5

I'm really sad that some of my favourite Polaroid stocks are discontinued. I miss color Type 79 :(  Type 55 4×5 Polaroid (positive and negative instant film) is totally out of stock and no longer being made.
I just noticed bids are being placed on Ebay averaging $200 a box! (The regular price was about $65 per box for 20 sheets.) And this Polaroid is expired, dating back to 2005! What has happened to the world? Polaroid is beautiful.
Here is some inspiration from Polaroids I've shot over the last 10 years..


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