little miss wise

 Today, as Chandler and I were walking home from my delicious Birthday dinner at Al Di La, on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, we crossed at President Street going East and stopped in our tracks. We nearly stepped on a pristine floppy, soft and glossy white children’s book buried under the shadow of the dimly lit concrete sidewalk. Clearly it had been freshly-dropped, as it had not yet had the horror of being trampled upon or smeared into the sewer in close proximity to the corner, but at this late hour no stroller-pushing Mommy was in sight. 


Through my wine-goggles, the children’s book appeared vaguely familiar. I picked it up. The white background stood out brightly contrasting against the night, a colorful fuschia and round figure centered upon it.

The title read, “Little Miss Wise”. It was from the Little Miss series books! What a coincidence! What Luck!*

Chandler and I looked at each other with eyes wide-opened and roared with laughter. My mother used to read that to my sister and I before bed. We had a few of them, and clearly this was our favorite. Of all of the 30+ books which exist, this one lay directly at my Wise-Old feet!

a blast of photos from the past

Wetplate Photography in the 21st Century



Phalaenopsis Orchid in Black Painted Vase

Quail Eggs

Flowers on Ledge of Eric's Fence

Tamara Leaning Against a Tree

Jessica, a Reclining Portrait



Self-Portrait with Boa



Portrait, and Self Portrait Against Eric's Shed

Eric's Shed, East Hampton

Portrait of Karen by Keliy Anderson-Staley

Self Portrait, Dorsal View


Phalaenopsis Orchids in Tall Glass Beaker
Here are a few of my wetplate collodion photographs (quarter plate, full plate and mammoth plates) from the workshops I've taken in the past 2 years at "The Center for Alternative Photography" in New York City and in East Hampton, NY.

What an amazing feeling to be so hands-on again in a darkroom with tin and glass plates of all sizes brewing in silver nitrate baths, with eagerly awaiting students.
What an intense process it is: the wet-plate process is no misnomer, it can be no longer than whole minutes from start to finish.
From the coating of collodion on the glass or tin plates, to the adhesion of silver nitrate molecules to collodion creating the wet emulsion on which the image will be exposed, to 25-second exposures of attentive and braced-models, to the development and fixing of the wet plates in darkroom trays immediately after exposure…
The rush! I cannot wait until the next class begins.

happy mother’s day!


Dear Mom,

I will see you in a few hours in the Milan airport, but I wanted to wish you an early Happy Mother's Day! I will be off the blog while traveling to Milano, Cinque Terre, Firenze, Orvieto and Roma, but I will be returning with a lot of shot (and hopefully un-x-rayed) film (and Chandler with a lot of Super 8)!

Hope you have an amazing time in Santa Margherita Ligure, I look forward to spending the next 3 sea-side days with you.

Collectible Ideas for the HOME



In Philadelphia HOME magazine this past summer, an inspiring article about Philadelphia Designers and their collections featured the tea cups and other cute things of Joy D. Cho of Nantaka Joy.
My photo of Priti’s Slippers is up on her bedroom wall : )

Congrats, Joy!

Oh Canada!
















My home and native land…
Chandler and I took a wonderful trip up North to visit (and meet!) my family in Montreal. We took a day trip during this time up to the Laurentians to go corss-country skiing in Tremblant! I had never been despite my many young years of down-hill ski bumming…

We got there a bit late, as the sun was setting so we didn't get a ton of runs in, however we did get the opportunity to shoot in gorgeous warm light. Thanks for the drive Chandi..

Winter in Israel



the wailing wall in black and white.
jerusalem's old city.

views from the women's side of the partitioned wall.

more to come from my trip to israel. it was such a wonderful trip, i can't wait to go back in the warmer months to come..

Published in Brides, Elegant Bride and New York Weddings


I’m happy to be published in Brides, Elegant Bride and New York Weddings magazines this season!

Brides Philadelphia magazine recently published my clients Joy Cho and Bob Cho’s wedding. I photographed Joy and Bob’s elegant nuptials at PAFA (Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts) last September.

Elegant Bride magazine just featured my Hamptons bride, Jade Holdaway, as one of 4 of their featured “elegant brides” in a full page spread. Jade and Chris tied the knot on the beach at Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club.

It was also fun to see New York Weddings magazine feature Lauren and Carlos’ stunning and florally abundant wedding at Banchet Flowers in the West Village.

Better Late than Never

After a trip back from Israel in February, with hundreds of photos, and trying to find an integrative way to show my images to non-Facebook friends and family members, I have started a blog of my very own.

I’m hoping this will be the most integrative medium on which to feature my thoughts and photography series which don’t always fit into the categories of Food, Still Life or Weddings. Finally a place to put everything.
Some things I will wish to share to my viewers are:
-interesting weddings I have documented and/or locations at which I have shot and definitely want to return to (perhaps even for my own wedding one day)!
-fun still life projects to share
-travel photos (Israel, England, Italy, and Mont Tremblant to name a few of my amazing and recent travel experiences this year)
-photos of my adorable new niece, who lives in Boston with my sister Laurie and my brother-in-law Matt, and who is growing way too quickly!
-restaurants in new york city (a different way to restaurant journal :)
-everything else that inspires me along the way!


Karen Wise Photography