Happy Father’s Day!

happy father's day dad! here are a few photos which I love, with you in them.
thanks for being a great dad, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. i'm looking forward to seeing you in montreal next week!


laurie, dad, sophie the cat and me seated in the living room. it looks as if it might be winter as laur is wearing nana's knitted hat and we're both wearing flannels…

i took this photo of my parents, in 1986, with my dad's minolta camera. i love this picture. the pose, the way my father carefully holds his glasses. apparently he introduced me to photography at a young age… thanks dad!

dad, oscar and me seated in the living room on trafalgar ave. dad always had a fondness for cats, and they always flocked to him…


dad in genoa. he's so striking!

dad and laurie in santa margherita, liguria, italy. i love how relaxed this photo looks.

dad and I dressed up for laurie's wedding. again, look at how dapper and handsome he is!


Karen Wise Photography