Favorite Film Images from Weddings over the Past 7 Years

 My Favorite Film Images from Weddings over the Past 7 Years:

priti’s slippers. priti wore these shoes to her farewell brunch in india after her week-long wedding extravaganza. i just had to get a photo of them, especially against the mehndi {henna} and chiffon dress…
anjali‘s portrait. what beautiful skin, there was no retouching on this photo. the amazingly talented Susmita Patel did her makeup.
marina and leon‘s wedding took place on the edge of a cliff in negril, jamaica. marina, a fashion designer, brought her own aqua silk fabrics to drape over the tables. what beautiful colors and a gorgeous setting for a wedding!

joy and bob looked so elegant and dapper at their PAFA wedding in philadelphia. we did a unique portrait session on a white backdrop adjacent to the gallery of their reception. this left us with tons of really creative and clean-looking portraits. (you will find more photos of this wedding on oh joy’s blog as well as on my weddings website.)
“100 degree breeze” is the title this photo on my weddings website, which accurately describes the amount of heat on that day. i arrived at this location in rajastan, india in the morning, to shoot as many shots as possible, before the bride and groom arrived. the canopies (and the pool) were a beautiful and functional idea, shielding guests (and bride having henna painted) from the sun.
please see more on priti and jaouad‘s wedding page.

Priti’s mehndi (henna) ceremony. thankfully the sun was starting to go down as the henna was being painted, what a hot day for mehndi! notice how everything is fuschia…priti had everyone wear hot pinks on this day to match her decor… more here

caroline and damion at the penthouse 15 loft in manhattan. what a cute couple, and i love the silver balloons!

jade‘s dress and stance is beautiful here on the bridgehampton, ny beach in late summer.

one of my all-time favorite portraits. i made this one of dana in the w hotel in union square before her wedding. this shot ended up winning fifth place in a wpja creative portrait contest.

david and his groomsmen (including his dad, how cute) on a dock in chatham, massachusetts last september.
guelay and her maids before the ceremony at the brooklyn botanic garden (bbg). i love how they agreed to be posed in different directions at different angles from the bride, making for a really elegant and sexy group portrait.
eric and sarah chose a gorgeous time of year to be photographed. their wedding was up in westchester, at estherwood mansion, at peak season for colored leaves!
this is one of my favourite kiss images. the light is perfect on jade and chris and their white attire and the canopy (no, not a chuppah) keep everything in the photo looking so clean.

angel orensanz foundation (a former synagogue in the lower east side of manhattan, where sarah jessica parker got married) is absolutely stunning at every angle. i love how the lights project radiant colors against the altar just as the bride and her dad are walking down the aisle. perfect.


Karen Wise Photography