Chandler and Karen in Italy II

 More pictures of Karen and Chandler in Italy, continued from the previous post.


Karen and Chandler in Italy II

Here are more photos of our trip to Italy in May (continued from my previous post). We visited Orvieto (which was our favorite town for its underground city and the truffle lasagna!), Firenze, Santa Margherita and Roma.

Chandler and I had rain for three out of the four days while we were in Rome. Check out this large puddle we passed (top image) on a cobblestone street near the Colosseum! This iconic image I title, “Rainy Rome Puddle”  I ended up printing as a 20″ x 24″ inkjet print – it’s framed on our living room wall.

We were sad about all of the rain at first, because this was that last city we’d visit before going home, but then realized fewer tourists would be out, and we were right! Chandler and I had almost the entire Colosseum to ourselves! We took so many pictures there – cool silhouettes and portraits in drizzle. We got there at the end of the day, the slow pokes we are, so it was especially empty then. Love the pics.

Arrivaderci Italia, ci vediamo!


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