Italian Vacation

Pictures from our Italian vacation – our first big trip together.

Rainy Rome


From our drive through Tuscany to Orvieto, Umbria


Chandler, with his Super 8 movie camera.


Karen in Silhouette. Taking shelter from the drizzle inside the Colosseum.


Orvieto, our favorite stop.


The narrow streets of Orvieto.

The film is finally developed!
Here are some of my favorite images from our trip to Italy in May.
It rained in Rome for 3 out of 4 days, but we weren’t discouraged! Orvieto had the best weather, as you can kinda see in the black and whites which are very luminous and bright.
Loved this sweet older Italian couple watching the sunset over Orvieto’s cathedral in the piazza del duomo. The shops selling pretty ceramic plates (ceramiche) in the square, Chandler in plaid :) , a street in Orvieto (with no tourists!), Chandler with his Super 8 movie camera near Orvieto’s golden duomo, and the duomo viewed from a side street, soaked in the afternoon’s sunlight.
Stay tuned for more in the next post!


Karen Wise Photography