Shining to Karl in Manhattan on 8/8/08 and 8/9/08


Shining married Karl on the lucky weekend of August 8th, 2008 (8/8/08). The rehearsal dinner (a Chinese banquet) was at The Golden Unicorn in Chinatown, NYC and the ceremony and reception were on the following day at Banchet Flowers in the West Village.
A special appearance was made by Whiskey, their dog, who carried the rings to the altar in a pouch on his collar.

What a beautiful wedding.
While Shining was having her hair done, she explained the significance of the number eight to me:
"The significance of the number eight in Chinese is that "eight" (pronounced "ba" in Mandarin and "baht" in Cantonese) rhymes with the word "prosperity" (pronounced "fa" in Mandarin and "faht" in Cantonese"). The number nine ("jiu") also has significance because it sounds like the word for "wine" and also similar to the word for 'lengthy.' "

Not only did the Olympics begin in Bejing on 8/8/08 but many weddings were planned for that weekend too, when they visited City Hall on that date, it was FULL of Chinese couples!

Having their wedding at a flower shop in the West Village was a purposeful choice, the couple tried to make it a green wedding as much as possible (no additional flowers had to be purchased, as they were already there). Also, they strove to have the event be more of an intimate gathering rather than a wedding with the traditional pomp.

A special thanks to my intern Shiva Zanganeh for helping me make these grids : )


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