Stoop Portraits for Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching have you thought of what you will gift dad? How about Brooklyn Stoop Portraits for Dad on Father’s Day, taken from a safe distance?

During these last few months, I’ve been photographing families and couples in front of their Brooklyn homes. I started this series with the idea that families were spending so much more time together than ever, celebrating birthdays and milestones at home, so why not continue to document this time together? I used telephoto lenses, so it is safe, and my mask stayed on during the shoot.

Brooklyn Stoop Portraits

Brooklyn Stoop Portraits - Fathers Day

Brooklyn Stoop Portraits

If you are looking for a memorable and fun gift idea this year for husband and your dad, feel free to reach out! To book your 30 minute photo session, email, text or call in time for Father’s Day. You may view more Brooklyn Stoop Portraits here, and peruse my most recent Stoop Portraits photos on my family Instagram.


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