Nothing but FILM

Update: Since I posted this blog post (2009), I bought a high end digital camera!

It’s been a few years now, and I’m shooting both digital and film photography at weddings.


as you might already know, i shoot exclusively with film!
my film:
i’ve always been a film shooter, ever since i graduated from RISD in Photography. from my first wedding shoot onwards i continued to shoot film. even as my assistants shoot with film and with digital SLR’s, i continue to be a medium format film shooter at wedding.
medium format is larger than the commonly known 35mm film and thus provides a larger negative with more detail in the enlargement. not only is there more detail in medium format film, but the colors are truer than digital, natural and saturated in color and rich in black and white tones.
my studio:
up until last year when i moved my studio and bought an apartment in park slope, brooklyn, i had a black and white darkroom. i printed fiber prints for clients in that darkroom, including the many pages of the cookbook: The Way We Cook” by Sheryl Julian and Julie Riven. the cookbook took a week to print, but i loved every minute of it. (especially while i learned new indie music that my friends gave me to get through the week in a darkroom-chemical infused room ;-).
at the time, i had a bit more time to develop negatives in tanks by hand and to print contact sheets. now that i shoot so many local and destination weddings per year, there isn’t enough time to be in the darkroom anymore (but it’s nice to breathe in cleaner air).
my labs:
since then, i found 2 incredible labs in manhattan to develop my b&w and my color film. they use the dip and dunk method which is similar to the agitation in tanks in the darkroom needed to provide the film with an even and timed coating of developer, stop bath and fixer, similar to developing it by hand…
my printer:
after the developed film is dry, mary, my amazingly talented and award-winning printer at my manhattan color lab, makes gorgeous 4×6 prints, which my clients are so extremely happy with.
i trust mary entirely with my wedding clients’ film (mary, you’re the best, thank you).


Karen Wise Photography