Image of the Month: Flower Covered Windmill

It's been a couple of months since I created an Image of the Month blog post.

I was married in May, and needless to say it has been busy!

I’m resuming this June with this Holga photograph of an old windmill in Barbados. This photo is part of a colorful series I made in April while visiting with my aunt and uncle. On my daily walks through their neighborhood, in their garden, and during visits to the Barbadian countryside visiting chattel houses, windmills and cane fields, I closely documented what seemed to be really unique to me in this tropical, romantic paradise.

This flower covered windmill, with blooms that last only two days per year, happened to be in bloom on the day that I visited it! This creeping vine called Cat's Claw Whisk is commonly named Shower of Gold because its golden blooms that shower whatever it grows on with gold once a year. In Barbados it grows like crazy. It is especially drawn to old windmills, wrapping its loving vines around them, and bursting into bright yellow bloom for just a couple of days.

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