Food Photography Workshop at Runner & Stone















Last week I hosted another food photography workshop in Brooklyn. My previous workshops were so enjoyable, I was really looking forward to working with this new group! We started the day off meeting at Naturally Delicious‘ newly renovated space called PDR (Private Dining Room). Chef owner, Loren Michelle, and her talented staff prepared and styled both delicious and beautiful plates for us to photograph, including some lovely cocktails.

Our group spent the latter half of the day shooting on site at Runner & Stone bakery and restaurant. Runner & Stone is the delightful by-product of the combined ideas and dreams of pastry chef Peter Endriss and savory chef Chris Pizzulli. Not only does their space have stunning light, but also the food is unbelievable. We were thrilled to work with their friendly staff and be able to sample many of the items on their menu.

We had a great turn out, and I was so pleased to meet my attendees – some of whom traveled all the way from New Jersey and Chicago to be there! It was a warm, interesting group of photographers (most of them wedding photographers!) who were passionate about shooting. Any time you gather a group of artists together you are guaranteed to see creative sparks fly!

One of the benefits of doing a hands-on workshop is that you can troubleshoot as you go. We ended up covering many different topics including food styling, shooting angles, exposure, highlights and shadows, and especially and always composition.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to lead this group, and I am looking forward to the next workshop on July 9th. I take every opportunity I can to shoot alongside my students, I always learn new things, too!

Credits: All of the above photos were taken by Karen Wise, except for the last portrait of Karen + Jennifer shooting, which was photographed by Emilia Schobeiri, and the Instagram images which were shot by Hill Honeck.


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