Deborah and Jack – Stonington, Connecticut

Deborah and Jack tied the knot on Sept. 13th at Deb’s family’s home in Stonington, CT. The reception was at the Wadawanuck Club, a few miles down the road.
I absolutely loved their Connecticut wedding location(s) and the wedding details. Here are a selection of my favourite photos from that weekend:






Here are the terrific vendors who helped make Deb and Jack’s wedding so great!: 

Flowers: Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design

Catering: Primetime Cafe of Westerly, RI (affiliated with the Wadawanuck Club)

Dress: Veka bridal salon in NY,

Designer: Palazzo.
Deb wrote about her dress-finding process: “It was literally the 2nd dress I tried on, but I went through the whole elaborate Kleinfeld, Vera Wang process anyway, mostly for fun. I kept coming back to my dress, and as my mother said, I did a little dance every time I put it on, so that seemed like a good sign!”

Deb’s great green shoes!: J Crew.
Deb said: “…I actually searched long and hard for shoes, and was delighted to end up with an easy inexpensive choice (after a somewhat obsessive search for a specific pair of Pradas, and an interim pair of metallic hot pink sandals that I decided didn’t work). I wanted something with a burst of color, and that I might wear again. 
Green bridesmaids dresses: J Crew actually did the bridesmaid dresses too-not to be matchy matchy with the shoes, but I didn’t want them to have to spend a lot of money on dresses, and it worked out because Ashley needed to change her size a bunch! 
The awesome music on Saturday was by 747 Orchestra.

Music on Friday: Deb’s brother Elliott actually made a great ipod mix for Friday night. 
Invitations: by Delphine Press, and ordered through Village Invites in NY.

Cake: Toria Dolce in Ashaway, RI. Deb writes: “…honestly I can’t even remember all the flavors, because I was only interested in chocolate with vanilla icing! I think we had choc/choc, vanilla/choc, and a lemon maybe?” (Deb, I can say that I tried a choc/choc cupcake, to keep me going at about 10pm, and it was delectable!)

Tent: Rented and assembled by Sperry Tent

Deb and Jack’s most memorable wedding moments: “Definitely the fireworks! And walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing everyone in the backyard for the wedding. Dancing was definitely another one of my favorite parts. And the candy bar with brown paper bags was meant to ‘recreate’ an old candy store from Stonington, Camacho’s, that I loved as a kid. I still love candy! I just had a fantastic time at the whole thing, and I’m so glad I have your photos to remind me of some of the details!”



How they met, from Deb: “Jack & I knew each other from growing up in Stonington, but he was younger so we had different sets of friends. He eventually went to business school with one of my best friend’s husbands, so we started crossing paths again, then we had a really fun summer of staying up late on the dock talking, and eventually started dating. He proposed on a run in Brooklyn Bridge park-we were on our way to Jacques Torres on a dreary February morning, and he totally surprised me-even had the ring with him!”


Karen Wise Photography