The Liberty Warehouse Wedding

If you’re looking for a unique place in New York to hold your wedding, you may consider The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn. While the word “warehouse” might make you question the venue, The Liberty Warehouse is a beautiful and stylish location that’s perfect for weddings. I’ve photographed a couple of weddings at here and even attended a great event as as guest. This brief guide covers the benefits of this choosing this chic location for your wedding, and how to find the right photographer for the job.

Why Book the Liberty Warehouse

It’s Historic

Built in the 1850s as part of the Red Hook shipping yards, The Liberty Warehouse is full of history and life. This building is no longer used for storage and has since been updated and renovated to function entirely as an event space. With room for over 400 dinner guests and up to 1000 guests for cocktail parties, The Liberty Warehouse offers a unique mix of historical appeal and modern conveniences. The style is both rustic and contemporary, with the original brick walls and the nearby pier making perfect backdrops for photoshoots.

The Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn

Great Views

A large part of the warehouse’s iconic status as a wedding venue comes from the incredible views it offers. From the waterfront patios, guests will be able to see Manhattan from a unique perspective. Red Hook is one of the few spots in NYC where you can see the Statue of Liberty from the front as she faces toward France. If you or any of your guests have never had a chance to see the statue from this angle, your wedding night will be all the more memorable.

The Liberty Warehouse Wedding

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

Expert Lighting

The mix of natural and artificial lighting at The Liberty Warehouse makes for some incredible photo opportunities. However, without the right experience of shooting in cavernous spaces, taking pictures here can be difficult. You want a wedding photographer who knows their way around the venue, who can work in large spaces with high ceilings, and can make the most of the natural lighting and even bring their own lighting setup.

The Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer

The Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer

Dynamic Skills

Your wedding day will include many different types of moments—happy, joyous, hilarious, serious, emotional, energetic and everything in between—and you need a photographer with experience capturing the full range of emotions and scenes. You want someone who can render the beauty of the ceremony as skillfully as they can capture the energy on The Liberty Warehouse’s massive dance floor.

The Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer


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