The Comfort of Being Home

As I compose this post on the airplane, on my way back from San Francisco (Virgin America is so awesome), I yearn for home. It’s been a few days and many weeks since I’ve really BEEN home. And with a few days off to enjoy it.

Here are a few photos that soothe me, containing things that I enjoy or comfort me (flowers, sweets, candles/pretty light, water and family).






(I just need a photo of a comfy bed to complete this Home Comfort story.)

The candle was made by Joya with graphics designed and art directed by Oh Joy! Studio.  (Candles, cremes, and soap sold at Anthropologie). They were shot in my home.

The flowers were styled by Emily Thompson, and shot in my home.

My sister, her daughter Allie, and my new nephew Johnny provide a lot of laughs and comfort. As well as my beau Chandler who I look forward to going home to!


Karen Wise Photography