The Boat House in Central Park






When I asked Lara how Josh and she met she told me:
“I met Josh’s older brother at a wedding in August ’05– and he and his girlfriend both said, ‘you’ve got to meet my younger brother!’ As you will remember, Caroline’s wedding was in September ’05, so we had to delay our blind date until October ’05. Once we finally met, that was it! Josh met my Mom and Caroline on our third date, and we were engaged 4 months later and married in May ’07. I always say I figured I’d get married one day, but I never figured I’d get swept off my feet (cheesy I know ;~)”
I had the honor of photographing Lara and Josh’s wedding at The Boat House in Central Park, on this sunny May day. I had photographed Lara’s sister Caroline’s wedding a couple of years prior to this day, and so it was wonderful to see and photograph Lara and her family again.
Lara got into her dress in a beautiful room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle and her ceremony was indoors under a chuppah of cherry blossoms. Her stylishly jeweled shoes were designed by René Caovilla. and her beautiful lacy dress was designed by Selia Yang. Josh wore a tux by Armani. The band named Vali had every one of the guests on the dance floor.
Apart from my photographing a lot of candids of dancing, the couple was quite interested in having a photo-booth type set-up on grey, which I achieved by setting up in the corner of The Boat House across from the bar. (The perfect place to get many great subjects for my photos ;-)

Lara also said:
“We both think we have some of the best and most creative wedding photos we’ve ever seen, and we are so happy with the work you and your group did. And to this day I think the photo booth idea is awesome. Our friend’s pictures are so much fun, and it was such a good way to get great candids.”

Thank you Shiva, one of my interns, for helping me with the design of these grids.


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