Image of the Month: Lindsey & Brian in Brooklyn


It's been a busy summer. After my own wedding in May, I came back to New York and photographed 5 more in June! 

August is the month that many New Yorkers take off. Many day trip to the beach, or take a long weekend away… This August I find myself shooting and editing, but also catching up on creative projects like painting my  home/studio a few new shades of white :)

A few weeks ago, I photographed Lindsey and Brian in DUMBO, Brooklyn. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It's a quaint little neighborhood between 2 bridges, with much cobble stone, textures and views – a beautiful backdrop for any photo shoot. Lindsey and Brian, who are joint owners of a greenhouse in Nyack, have a love for flowers and for Brooklyn, and decided to tie the knot at a gallery space there. 

Because they sell and look at flowers on a daily basis, they wanted something really different for their wedding. Lindsey's bouquet was one of the most unique bunch of flowers I'd ever seen! According to Blossom and Branch who designed it, it was a collection of cymbidium orchids, scabiosas, artichokes, croc ferns, succulents, viburnum berry, safari sunset and fern curls.

The bright colors and hearty textures played perfectly against this rustic historic district of Brooklyn.

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