Chandler and Karen in Italy II

 More pictures of Karen and Chandler in Italy, continued from the previous post.


Karen and Chandler in Italy II

Here are more photos of our trip to Italy in May (continued from my previous post). We visited Orvieto (which was our favorite town for its underground city and the truffle lasagna!), Firenze, Santa Margherita and Roma.

Chandler and I had rain for three out of the four days while we were in Rome. Check out this large puddle we passed (top image) on a cobblestone street near the Colosseum! This iconic image I title, “Rainy Rome Puddle”  I ended up printing as a 20″ x 24″ inkjet print – it’s framed on our living room wall.

We were sad about all of the rain at first, because this was that last city we’d visit before going home, but then realized fewer tourists would be out, and we were right! Chandler and I had almost the entire Colosseum to ourselves! We took so many pictures there – cool silhouettes and portraits in drizzle. We got there at the end of the day, the slow pokes we are, so it was especially empty then. Love the pics.

Arrivaderci Italia, ci vediamo!

Shining to Karl in Manhattan on 8/8/08 and 8/9/08


Shining married Karl on the lucky weekend of August 8th, 2008 (8/8/08). The rehearsal dinner (a Chinese banquet) was at The Golden Unicorn in Chinatown, NYC and the ceremony and reception were on the following day at Banchet Flowers in the West Village.
A special appearance was made by Whiskey, their dog, who carried the rings to the altar in a pouch on his collar.

What a beautiful wedding.
While Shining was having her hair done, she explained the significance of the number eight to me:
"The significance of the number eight in Chinese is that "eight" (pronounced "ba" in Mandarin and "baht" in Cantonese) rhymes with the word "prosperity" (pronounced "fa" in Mandarin and "faht" in Cantonese"). The number nine ("jiu") also has significance because it sounds like the word for "wine" and also similar to the word for 'lengthy.' "

Not only did the Olympics begin in Bejing on 8/8/08 but many weddings were planned for that weekend too, when they visited City Hall on that date, it was FULL of Chinese couples!

Having their wedding at a flower shop in the West Village was a purposeful choice, the couple tried to make it a green wedding as much as possible (no additional flowers had to be purchased, as they were already there). Also, they strove to have the event be more of an intimate gathering rather than a wedding with the traditional pomp.

A special thanks to my intern Shiva Zanganeh for helping me make these grids : )

Ashley and Jack’s November Wedding: Westside Loft








Ashley and Jack were married last November at the Westside Loft in Manhattan. The couple got ready at the Essex House and we shot portraits separately at Central Park South before the ceremony so that the groom would see his bride for the first time walking down the aisle. Ashley and Jack's emphasis was on having amazing food (and it was!) as they both work in the food world. Ashley worked at Prune and now is at the Food Network. While Jack works with chocolate! Gabrielle Hamilton, executive chef of Prune Restaurant in the East Village, catered the event. She made a special appearance to serve the couple their main dishes and stayed to hand-make the canoli for the guests after dinner. Lindsay Landman Events planned this party. Thanks to my intern Daniela for helping to make these grids with me : )

Dana and Ron’s Purple and White Wedding




Dana and Ron's beautiful wedding took place at The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Saddle River and was also celebrated at The Mezzanine, a neo-classical historic building in Newark's Four-Corners Historic district.
Dana chose pretty purples and blues in silk and chiffon for her maids to wear, offered bubbles to the guests to blow upon their exit of the church. Dana held onto her grandmother's lace hankerchief (which also acted as a sweat-absorber during this hot hot day) and as she danced the night away in her gorgeous Nicole Miller dress. White orchids and callas decorated Ron and his brother's lapels, laced the bouquets and joined the blue hydrangeas at each of the tables.

Thanks to Maddy Gray, my new intern, for helping to create these grids!

Deborah and Sean at the Yale Club


August292008sean and deb

August292008sean and deb2


After Deborah and Sean were married last October 7th at The Church of St. Luke in the Fields, I shot photographs along the way up to the Yale Club where the couple had their reception. I photographed them  inside a taxi cab, then outside (and inside) of Gray's Papaya. and New York Magazine Weddings featured a few of my photographs from their wedding. This spring's New York Magazine featured a funny shot of them ordering a couple of Papaya dogs from the counter of this Times Square based Papaya joint!

Queensberry Matted Albums

Here is a recent Queensberry matted album I made for Giselle & AJ this Winter. It is an example of a plain and padded Chocolate Genuine Leather 12×12″ Album. There are two types of matting. Queensberry calls them “Overlay” and “Pagemount”. This book’s prints were mounted in an Overlay style, except for the invitation page which we designed to have a Pagemount matting, where the invite is mounted with a page color (Cream) behind the invitation.




Giselle and AJ’s Queensberry matted album pages were protected on the edges and corners.






Kate and Oded’s Album:

The couple chose a pretty image of Kate’s fall bouquet for their cover motif.


Here is an example of a matted album in “cherry genuine leather” I made for Kate and Oded which arrived this week. I am always so impressed with Queensberry’s work. I’ve worked with a few other companies before and the quality of a Queensberry matted album has always been consistently great compared to some of the rest. Click here to see their pretty cover swatches too.

This is an example of a 12×12″ cherry genuine leather covered matted wedding album. The page style is Overlay with black pages (ivory is a popular color too).

Oh Joy! Congrats on your Woodcut Floral File Folders for Anthropologie

Congrats to Joy Cho of NantakaJoy on her new metallic woodcut file folders, which are now selling at Anthropologie. How exciting!

Her folders were shot on the wooden trunk in my studio, distressed just enough to give a nice texture behind the folders. Please check out her other gorgeous and elegantly designed notebooks and cards, (which I also photographed) on her site.August272008Picture 12

August272008Picture 10

August272008Picture 9
August272008Picture 11


Joy’s blog also features some cute comments about the folders, made by her readers.
: )


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