Karen Wise NYC Wedding Photographer- Mia + Sean - Praise

Mia and Sean

"Booking Karen to photograph our complete wedding journey (engagement, courthouse, ceremony in Paris) was one of the best decisions we made. I could rave about her artistic vision and eye for detail for days on end, but what I found most incredible was how much I was able to trust her. She was consistent, understanding, and incredibly attentive to our creative vision. She knew how to not only be an amazing photographer, but also a friend, in the process. And during the wedding planning / day-of, there's simply no price tag to put on having someone you can count on. It's a blessing.

The final pictures stole our hearts and now adorn the walls of our home... full of memories we're able to so vividly recall, thanks to Karen.

If I had to do it all over again, she'd be the first call I made. I absolutely couldn't be more thrilled and thankful for her commitment and her mesmerizing talent."

Julia and Scott

"The photos are beautiful – we just love them! They truly captured every little detail (many of which we failed to notice at the time) of our special day. Thank you so much for everything you did during the wedding to create these amazing photos!! They are just lovely and we will cherish them for years to come."
Patty & Joe in Montauk

Patty and Joe

"I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful and amazing wedding photographs! You and your second shooter were fantastic, and Joe and I couldn't be happier. You truly captured the emotions of the day. Each time I go through the pictures, there are a few that bring tears to my eyes, and others that have me doubled over in laughter. And, in particular, you captured some amazing shots of my parents that I will treasure forever. We'll be in touch to order prints. I just don't know how we'll narrow down the choices."

Hanna and James

"Karen managed to capture some of the most beautiful photos of my wedding despite the dark clouds, icy weather and early nightfall. Many of our friends and family have complimented us on the gorgeous color and fabulous images that Karen captured for us. Karen was easy to work with, calm, professional and flexible. Her work was impeccable and I can easily to recommend to another bride."

Lindsey and Brian

"Karen Wise is a true professional and a true artist. She photographed our June 2011 wedding and our pictures are beautiful! She captured every moment perfectly. When my husband and I looked at our pictures he said, 'She made you look like a movie star!' and I think everyone bride should feel that great when looking at their wedding photos. I highly recommend her, she is worth every penny!"

Veronica and Nick

"Karen was amazing! She was so professional and helpful from beginning to end. Most importantly, we got so many gorgeous pictures. Karen is so detail oriented, she seemed to notice every detail when she was shooting and it paid off in the pictures. I really couldn't recommend her enough."

Kim and Bill

"We went with Karen for several reasons. First, she’s so laid-back it’s easy to relax around her. On our wedding day she was an oasis of calm and reassurance amid a background of tension and activity. I was trying to get my makeup on before the ceremony and she was instrumental in helping me get the space and tranquility I needed (and that’s beyond the photographer’s job) while she was taking shots of us getting ready. Also, the way she frames the scenes are so original and thoughtful. My sister, who is a designer, really noticed that aspect and all of the detail and facial expressions she caught. She also worked with a great assistant whom we really liked. Another reason to go with Karen, which might seem irrelevant, but made a big difference to me, is that some photographers can be pretty brusque and even rude. Karen was so sweet and helpful. She kept telling me how great and happy I looked. And of course, no bride can hear that too much. Finally, she showed up on the day looking gorgeous herself. Looking into a beautiful, kind face while having your picture taken certainly had a positive effect on my expression in all the photos."

Elizabeth and John

"Karen is an amazing photographer and was a pleasure to work with in every aspect of the process from shooting the wedding to putting my albums together."

Jackie and Aaron

"Karen was a pleasure to work with! I love and appreciate her attention to small, special moments, as well as how well she captured our wedding. I found her to be very patient, easy to work with, but also knows how to take charge when the situation demands it. Most of all, Karen is a calming presence over what can be a very hectic day. Karen's photos are such a joy to look at, and they always transport me back to my wedding. I still follow Karen on social media, as she is a wonderful photographer, no matter her subject! Thanks again Karen!"

Dara and Erik

"Karen was the first person we hired. We were so certain of her we hired her during our first meeting. She's kind, professional and extremely talented. She first shot our engagement party. The shots came out beautifully. Karen was really the quarterback of our wedding. Several of the vendors we hired were because of her recommendations. They were all fantastic! She and her assistant were professional and friendly from the moment they arrived until they finished. She was invisible during the ceremony and reception.. We asked her to shoot both digital and medium format film. We can't wait to see the photos! "

Christine and Gaetan

"While planning our wedding, my husband and I knew we wanted to prioritize photography. We were thrilled when we found Karen. Karen's photography has a beautiful and romantic quality that is unmatched, and she truly captures moments, both big and little. We had Karen shoot our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day and we were incredibly happy with the results, as were our family and friends. A bridesmaid wrote "Although it's often hard to capture the true beauty and joy of an event on film, I think your photographer did an amazing job. I loved "reliving" the festivities!" I couldn't have said it better."

Marianna and Stathis

"Karen was the first vendor we booked. Since we came across her, while looking for wedding photographers, we fall in love with her work! When we met her in person we felt so comfortable and we knew right away she was the perfect photographer for us. Karen has such a calming, sweet personality and always is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate and help. She is very professional and always responsive. Her work is exquisite! We love our pictures and the style of her work. The lighting is amazing and the quality out of this world! We are so happy that we will have Karen's beautiful pictures to embrace and remember our wedding! We couldn't be happier! We highly recommend Karen- her work is timeless!"

Sarah and Travis

"I skimped on other parts of my wedding in order to be able to get the photographer I'd dreamed of for years -- Karen Wise. Her work is absolutely beautiful and timeless, and I knew that that photos are the one part of the marriage (besides the marriage!) that you'll have forever. It was the best decision I made, hands down. Karen was a dream to work with. Her photos speak for themselves, really. I was hooked after seeing her online portfolio (and of course she is all over the wedding sites). She was utterly unobtrusive, allowing her to secretly capture all of these amazing moments! I have a photo of my husband that I will treasure forever. I'm usually stiff looking in posed photos, but she even got great photos of me where I am smiling naturally. The photos of us saying our vows are so meaningful - and I didn't even realize she was there! Besides her photography, she also offers a calm, soothing (and yet hyper-competent presence.) I'm already planning to go to her for baby pictures! Now I just need to have the baby."


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